Job search strategy coaching

I provide a job search strategy session that results in a tangible plan to get from point A in your job search – where you are now, to point B – your dream job. I cover everything relevant to your specific target industry – how to uncover unposted opportunities, how, where (and why) to network, how to leverage referrals gracefully and how to optimize your application materials to help you be as visible in the process as possible.

In addition, I cover ways you can position yourself as an expert in the new area before you even start applying for positions, and we’ll talk about some of the tools available to help with your job search. If it applies to your situation, we can also talk about more immediate sources of income that will expand your experience base and provide you with key contacts. 

Job search strategy coaching sessions can be conducted via phone, Zoom or Skype and typically go for two hours. I will follow up with a very detailed plan of action for you. I offer hourly follow-up meetings to check progress, remove roadblocks and suggest next steps.

Interview coaching

As a former recruiter who has interviewed tens of thousands of candidates for executive and individual contributor roles, I now teach my clients how to answer interview questions in the way hiring managers find to be the most appealing. 

I’ll act as the hiring manager or as a member of the interview panel and ask the questions you will likely encounter in your interviews. These will be traditional questions, like, “What are your strengths?” and scenario questions, such as, “Tell us about a time when you overcame an obstacle to accomplish a goal.” I may also ask some trick questions, like, “How many ping pong balls fit on a bus,” if you’re likely to encounter them. 

You’ll provide your best answers, and I will offer feedback and suggestions for change. If your answers are great, I’ll let you know why. If they need some work, we’ll work through some options, and if something isn’t working as an answer, we’ll start from scratch to create a better option. We’ll come up with solid interview answers and practice the ones that give you the most grief. We will also focus on what the questions are really asking and what most interviewers want to hear in your responses. 

Coaching is also a great opportunity to talk over fears or areas where you are self-conscious. Employers typically hire people they like the best and think they can stand working with (vs. the most-qualified candidates), so I will help you be as likable as possible in the interview while still being yourself. 

Interview coaching sessions can be conducted via Zoom or Skype and typically go for two hours. I will follow up with notes from our meeting and several tip sheets for practice. I offer 1-2 hour follow-up meetings to check progress, remove roadblocks and suggest next steps. 

To schedule a phone consultation and ensure we’re a good fit, let me know which times work well for you, and I’ll confirm one and give you a call then.

coaching rates

Your dream job awaits.

Job Search Strategy Coaching and Interview Coaching

$150/per hour

Rates note: Resume clients receive a 15% discount on all coaching services.