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Hello! If you need help with your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, interviewing or job search strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Getting expert advice on something as important as your career is just a smart thing to do, and I have been helping people land their dream jobs, board seats and internships for more than 15 years.

As a former corporate recruiter who has screened thousands of resumes and interviewed thousands of candidates at all levels, I learned firsthand what works in the hiring process and what doesn’t. I will teach you what successful applicants do to be selected for jobs.

I work with nearly everyone, from senior leaders who haven’t had to write a resume in more than 20 years to people starting or restarting their careers. The challenges are universal; nearly everyone needs help identifying accomplishments in an interesting way, in writing via resumes and LinkedIn profiles and in person during interviews and networking.

While writing your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter content, I will help you develop evidence of greatness so that you stand out from your competition. If you would like to be better at articulating your strengths verbally, I provide interview coaching services, and if you’re unsure how to get the job of your dreams, I offer job search strategy coaching.

My consultations are complimentary; let’s set up a call!

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About Jill

As a former corporate and agency recruiter, I now provide career-related writing and coaching services. My writing services encompass resumes, LinkedIn profile updates, cover letters and bios and I provide interview and job search strategy coaching services.

During my recruiting career, I sourced and hired talent for corporate, nonprofit, startup and government employers, and the jobs I filled spanned global manufacturing, real estate, restaurant, sales and marketing, HR, legal, QA, food, natural resources, hotel & resort, construction, design, arts, tourism, training, public administration, science, healthcare and banking industries.

While many of my clients are C-level leaders, vice presidents and directors, I also love working with mid and entry-level job seekers. Many of my clients are HR professionals who have seen my resumes (from candidates that applied with them) and contacted me to help further their own careers.

Longstanding member since 2005


CM, Account Manager and Director of Training, Software Development Company

“I have to say thank you for all your great work on my resume. I have had one interview already and have another one scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. In my first interview, the person said my resume was amazing. He said it was straightforward, well written and not full of fluff. The interview I have on Tuesday, the lady said she had to call me and find out more because my resume was so fantastic.”

MC, Director of Market Development, Tech & Analytics Consulting Firm

“I love the resume and your word choices and edits. Thank you so much! It was refreshing to read my work history back to myself in your impressive language; you’ve already made me feel more qualified for the next venture!”

DL, Director, HR Business Partner, Fortune 500 Travel Company

“Wanted to drop you a note and share the great news. They made me an offer and I have accepted it. After so many years and failed attempts, this truly feels like a miracle. Thank you SO much for all your help preparing for the interviews, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

LM S, Senior Sourcing Manager, Fortune 50 technology company

“I would like to say how much I truly appreciate your help with my resume and LinkedIn profile. Your work is amazing and I am glad I found you. The information you provided is solid and I will proceed to review and take the next steps.”

MC, Senior Vice President People Systems and Operations, global communications agency

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in transforming my resume into a strategic marketing tool. Many people along the way commented on how impressive my resume was, and it opened doors to many productive and fruitful conversations. I landed the job of my dreams. I couldn’t be happier!”

KV, Senior UX Designer. private marketing technology company

“I wanted to let you know that I did get a job in October last year. I’m certain your resume services had an impact because my response rates and LinkedIn communication went up significantly once I started using your copy. Ironically, I got laid off in August and by that time was having so much success with interview requests that my first month of unemployment was packed with meetings. By the end of September, I stumbled upon the role I currently have and received an offer for it in early Oct. The company is a perfect fit for me and my career direction!”

SR, Account Representative, insurance company

“I wanted to thank you for the work that you have put into both resumes’. Every time I read them, I am surprised at how they show my skills and talents in a succinct way.”

KV, Payroll Manager, Fortune 500 payroll company

“I have reviewed all of the documents and they are good to go! As I read over each resume, it feels like a light was turned on in my mind, a fresh start.”

SB, Attorney, private practice

“I really appreciate your work. I would not have produced anything nearly this good on my own. I really like it a lot and thank you again for all your work.”

SMB, Office Assistant, art school

“Wow Jill!! It looks so great. It really emphasizes all the things I’m good at (as it should), but I just had so much trouble trying to articulate it myself.”

JJC, Producer, Fortune 500 travel company

“I just reviewed both my resume and cover letter and I cannot tell you how pleased I am! They are exactly what I wanted, I could never have created these on my own. Thank you very much. There are no words to express how grateful I am!”

AF, Personal Stylist, styling company

“I have shown my resume to a few people and they have all said how amazing it looks. I will certainly pass your name on to anyone who is looking for career counseling or resume help.”

TF, Senior Territory Manager, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company

“You get the award for boosting my confidence. I was very delighted when I saw the resume. To check my ego at the door as I read my professional biography, I asked 3 people with hiring capability to take a look at it. They really liked the design and layout. Not to mention the thoroughness!”

SW, Systems Administrator, iron foundry

“I received an offer letter from one of the companies that I sent as an example for you to help write my resume. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of your work and the response that I received from this company and will definitely be referring my friends to you in the future if they’re ever looking for help in resumes and job searches.”


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