Your resume is the first step
Resumes are essentially a sales piece. They can shout "I'm perfect for this job!" or "I didn't care (or know) enough to get this right."
They make a statement. What do you want your resume to say about you?
In these days of scanned resumes and 500 job applicants for a single job, having a top notch resume will make the difference between your resume getting noticed and getting recycled.
Knowledge of keywords, layout, what to leave in and what to leave out come from years of experience. Find out what you need to do in your industry to get past the initial screening. Your completed resume will emphasize your strengths and abilities. Make a good impression! You owe it to yourself.

Tailor your objective
Your resume and cover letter will be easily personalizable so you can tailor them for every job.

Graphic designers, personalized resumes for all industries
Get started today!
Take the first step. Let a professional who has helped thousands of clients help you obtain the perfect resume. Here's how it works:
E-mail your work history or existing resume.
Jill will contact you for a phone consultation. Check contact page for payment details.
You will receive a first draft of your resume. Resume rate includes unlimited changes and corrections for up to 30 days.
You will receive a final copy you can be proud of.
"I come from a technical background. I know how to write and test code, but not how to communicate with the recruiters to get noticed. Jill showed me how to display my IT skills as well as my achievements. I know that employers are not just looking for coding, they want a new team member. Now my personality shows through."
Steve, Auburn, WA

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