Run a focused job search
Many people have a hard time finding a job because they lack focus. The process of getting a job should be just like a job. You need a daily routine, accomplishable goals, and accountability. When you choose job finding coaching, I will help you establish a routine and develop reasonable goals.
Your organized approach WILL pay off and be noticed by potential employers. Its incredible how powerful a message it sends to a hiring manager when they see how focused you are on attaining your job goals. You can do this! You can say, "I got the job!"
Stay positive
Being unemployed is tough. The embarrassment you may feel, or even just the need to conserve money can cause a situation where you stay inside, avoid people, stop looking for leads and become discouraged or depressed. 
I will help you to stay active in your job search. We will discuss ways that make the best sense for you to stay active in your industry and talk about coping strategies and resources.
I got the job!
Ask for help
Whether you've been in the work force for many years, or are just starting out, it's human nature to not want to burden others with your problems. But people really DO want to help.

We will strategize ways to "work" your network and you'll learn what to say when you approach people so they will feel excited to help. Your best friend's sister's cousin may have the perfect job for you!
Update your resume
In over 11 years in this industry I've seen amazing resume mistakes. I keep thinking I'll start seeing fewer as people gain more knowledge of how to write an effective resume. That hasn't happened yet.

People who are brilliant in their careers make just as many resume mistakes as those just starting out. We will work on clarity, resume length, and avoiding common errors while emphasizing your strengths and future contribution potential.


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