Professional interview assistance from a corporate professional who has interviewed thousands. Learn from their mistakes!
Many professionals have been employed so long they have forgotten how to interview. It's not just the teenager blindly forging his way into the job interview that blunders his way through. Like any skill, if you don't practice regularly, interviewing can be tough.

I have interviewed thousands of applicants at every employment level and I will provide you with winning strategies to get back in the swing of the game.
Keep it simple

Interviewing is nerve wracking! People sometimes react to interview stress by over-answering, over-explaining and just plain talking too much.

Knowing how to be succinct in an interview is important. Jill will help you identify if you are doing this and we will practice answering questions in 60 seconds or less.

Impress the interview panel
Tap the employment marketBring an extra copy of your resume
What should I wear?
Is my cologne ok?
Do I look right for the job?
Get some honest feedback.
What are the "Rules"?

What to say and how much information to disclose in an interview is crucial. But how much personal insight is too much? And where do you draw the line?

Knowing how to finesse landmine questions and using good judgment in your answers can make the difference between getting a job offer and getting a no-thanks letter.

Little things count!

Sweaty palms? Nervous habits? Quirks?

Your loved ones won't tell you if these things are a problem for you. You need to know how you come across to others so you can make a great impression!


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